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Mass Effect~Whispers in the Dark_Chapter 1
''It's gonna be alright Jane...just don't give up...don't you dare die on me...'' Garrus whispered on her as he gently ttok her on his arms. He found her after all, after this hot hell that happened. The Reapers are destroyed and that's her achieve. He found her alive, and that's a huge miracle by itself. He and the crew of the Normandy are all safe and thanks to EDI that she had made all her right arrangements and recommendations so they will be safe and could manage to save some power to the ship so they could go back and search for Shepard's body. That was not the point of saving the power, but and they didn't know that things will go around. So after that, their point was to go and find at least their favorite commander's body and they found her...nobody would be alive after that...but she did it! She did it! She was alive...For Garrus it was all that he wanted...But the pain in his chest will not go untill she's full awake, 'cause there a chance...a chance that Garrus don
:iconselensalvatore:selensalvatore 2 0
Mature content
Mass Effect fanfiction: Lonely Heart - Chapter 89 :icondionnejinn:DionneJinn 9 8
Shakarian :iconselensalvatore:selensalvatore 3 4 Tears of happiness :iconagregor:Agregor 134 12
Garrus and Mordin have a chat about the Commander.

From the Personal notes of Mordin Solus.
As the commander left the room I watched his eyes follow her. The longing, the need, the unabashed lust was so obvious that I did not require my olfactory senses to tell me what was plain to see. Vakarian's pheromones were elevated and there was an increased level of testosterone elaboration as a result of her walking by the mess hall table where we were sitting. This sexual tension would be problematic to our mission if the situation was not resolved efficiently. Must act quickly.
Mordin: Garrus, may I speak with you privately?
Garrus: On a Cerberus ship, doctor? I don't think so.
Mordin: Well perhaps on the gun deck, I've already swept it for bugs and I can always put a privacy hack in EDI for a short time.
Garrus: If it's that important doctor, certainly.
On the gun deck I quickly hacked the AI, bombarding it with my favorite endless loop of songs from "South Pacific",  "
:iconazulenearoma:AzuleneAroma 56 53
Vakarian Siblings [SFM] :iconarchangel470:Archangel470 59 2 Archangel :iconnifriel:Nifriel 35 5 ...Meet me at the Bar :iconmandyalenko:mandyalenko 69 23
SFMH: Kaidan and Garrus discuss love triangle
Scenes From My Head: Kaidan (LI in ME1) talks with Garrus (LI in ME2) in ME3 about love triangle.
Reasons for rewrite:
When I first played ME2, I got my ME1 saves mixed up and ended up romancing Garrus on my character that romanced Liara in ME1 (which made the Shadow Broker DLC a bit awkward.) Anyway, in ME3 when I saw Liara and Garrus sitting in the lounge I thought, Oh crap, they're going to throw down. But no, the characters never addressed each other about the tangled love triangle. So I decided this needed to be rectified!
This is hopefully the start of many versions, depending on my mood, but of course I had to write Garrus and Kaidan since it ties into my Shakarian fanfic ( though the conversation could work regardless of whom Shepard chooses.
Timeline: The conversation occurs after the Cerberus attacks the Citadel, but before the Citadel companion dates that lock in Shepar
:iconrazorblade456:razorblade456 32 14
MEBB Bachelor Party complete :iconjarensbud:jarensbud 3 0 Fem!Shepard x Garrus :iconannasabinokami:AnnaSabiNoKami 19 6
Mature content
don't leave me i love you :iconsonicxamy135:sonicxamy135 22 5
Recursive Return (Mass Effect, Shakarian, angst)
Post-ME3, destroy ending, slightly canon-divergent (Geth and EDI are alive because the starbrat is a lying piece of shit)
Summary: Shepard’s death took a toll on Garrus’ health. He refuses to believe she died the day she destroyed the reapers. As he feels his sanity slowly slipping away, he decides there’s only way to help him: He has to find her, dead or alive. If he only sees here, the nightmares and daydreams slipping into reality will hopefully stop. But, after all the pain and horrors he has felt and experienced, curing his heart and mind might not be so simple.
Warnings: Angst, ptsd, depression, mindfuck, ambiguous/open end
On AO3
On Tumblr
“It’s your fault!” A delicate web cracked through the glass beneath Garrus
:iconredheadligeia:RedHeadLigeia 1 0
Choose Your Ending (Mass Effect, Shakarian)
Post-ME3, destroy ending, slightly canon-divergent (Geth and EDI are alive, although it hardly matters for this fic)
Summary: Garrus refuses to believe Shepard died the day she destroyed the reapers. He is right.
Warnings: angst, ambiguous/open end
On AO3
On Tumblr
Metal ground against metal, the screeching noise piercing through Garrus’ brain and down his spine. His head jolted up. The ceiling above them had sagged yet again. The moment it would break, the last enclosure would be destroyed, and the gravity would turn into space’s deadly vacuum.
“Shepard!” His hand clenched around her wrist. So small and fragile, it frightened him. If only her strongest self were here to back him up wh
:iconredheadligeia:RedHeadLigeia 1 0
Mature content
After The Suicide Mission :iconcrazysuperior:CrazySuperior 60 6


:iconmorrigan-fans: :iconmasseffect-place: :icondragon-age-fanclub: :icondragonage-fandom:



"Farewell, my friend."

I care. Only one.

Inspired by DA - The Revelation by aimo

I didn't like Morrigan at first, because she always disapproves when you did something good. That was really annoying.
But when you became her friend, you can see how she changed.
Well, it is so touching. You are her only friend. 
(I romanced Morrigan once, but I prefer her friendship path.)

In this playthrough, my warden romanced Alistair, and she didn't accept the dark ritaul.
Because she didn't think an old god baby would be a good idea. You know, Morrigan didn't tell her the details.
She didn't even know what will happen after that. As a warden, she couldn't do that just to save herself.

Dragon Age Origins: Oghren
Dragon Age Origins: Sten (armored)
Dragon Age Origins: Alistair
Dragon Age Origins: Leliana armor model   extracted by Berserker79
Dragon Age Origins: Anora (dress)
Dragon Age Origins: Morrigan model
Dragon Age Origins: Zevran Arainai model
10 ME3 Rubble Pieces for XPS by Just-Jasper
All the objects extracted belong to Bioware and EA.

coffin with guns inside (original game bones) extracted and converted by MindForcet

Yuusha - Ruin [XPS] by deexie
Pine ree

Guardian Angel

Garrus:What would you do, Shepard?

He's Archangel, the dark knight of Omega.
It's been two years. Everyone has moved on. 
Now he has his own team, but somehow he still feels lost. 

Inspired by music: Shot in The Dark by Within Temptation. (Great song. I really recommend it.)

If Shepard wasn't revived by Cerberus, will she become some kind of guardian angel to protect her friend?
This is just my imagination. 

Default Femshep Outfit Pack meshmod/extracted by Padme4000
Mass Effect 2 Garrus Vakarian XNALara by SumireHaikuXNA
Small Angel Wings DLC by MamaMangle
Fire (version 2) for XNALara/XPS
by dasliebesverbot
FF7 Crisis Core Feather by MindForcet
Sniper Rifle by nach77


Shepard And Her Men
Garrus: All around turian bad boy and dispenser of justice in an unjust galaxy.
Kaidan: Sweet, attractive(nice body XD), a good soldier. And he loves you from the beginning.
Thane: Cool, romantic, a poet and a master Assassin. And he remembers everything you said.
Jacob: ... 

So, which one is your type?;) (Wink) 

I love you GruntHeart

Inspired by the tribute:Sexy Mass Effect Men
I played ME2→ME3→ME1, so I'm pretty sure I'm biased.
Hope you can share your opinion about who you choose and why.^^

Default Femshep ME3 dress with boots for XPSby Just-Jasper

ME3 Thane Krios for XPSby Just-Jasper

ME3 Kaidan Citadel DLC (XPS)by SonYume

Garrus Citadelby nach77
Mass Effect 3 Jacob XNALaraby SumireHaikuXNA

Mass Effect Grunt Pack (HD FINAL) for XNA/XPSby JoesHouseOfArt
XNA Vastatosaurus Rexby X-N-A
Iron Throne (XPS)by deexie

Yuusha - Demon King's Throne [XPS]by deexie



loveshakarian's Profile Picture
I'm a big fan of Mass Effect trilogy and Dragon Age series.
Shakarian and destroy ending is my Mass Effect canon. (I like a lot of characters, but Garrus stole my heartXD)
I also like a lot of Japanese comic books and games.
English is not my mother tongue. If I said something wrong, please let me know.Thank you^-^


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